Our Inspiration - Oja Shankar Alias Late Shri S.D.Kane

Oja Shankar Alias Late Shri S.D.Kane (B.A. Hon., 1946, Pune university) was a school teacher par excellence. He served as a school teacher at various places in Maharashtra and Karnataka till 1970. Later he served in a Christian Missionary School at Chinjoroy, District Ukhrul. He also served there, as the hostel warden. He was keen to impart physical training and discipline to the hostel students. He was keen to inculcate best ethical values in them.

Most of the students were Christian. In order to understand the values with which the students were brought-up, Oja Shankar even studied Bible in great details. He believed that every individual’s religion has a unique role in his life. Individual should be free to follow the chosen path, without any behavioral compulsion, as long as it does not interfere with the paths chosen by the others. Oja Shankar Alias Late Shri S.D.Kane

Oja Shankar loved and nourished all his students, as though they all were his own sons and daughters. Within a short span of a few years he became popular, not only in his students, but also amongst their parents. Unfortunately in the end of September 1973, he received a telegram from Sangli, Maharashtra; his home place. His mother was serious and suddenly he had to go back. No body was sure as to when he would be able to return back again.

Many students wanted to accompany him and their parents also were not reluctant to send their wards along with Oja Shankar, to pursue education under his kind guidance. Oja Shankar was returning due to a different reason, he could not have sustained many students in the home state, where his earnings were uncertain. Considering the love and affection of the students, he had brought two students with him, in Sangli.  People from Maharashtra and Karnataka generously supported this noble cause, adequately. The activities grew year by year. Today the little plant that Oja Shankar had planted, has become a big tree.


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